Tarje Holtvedt and Åshild Skadberg

Totally True!

Totally True! is an unusual fact-book about strange and exciting events in world history. The book is packed with strange facts, cool pictures and incredible stories from around the world, and allows children to learn about history in a fun and unusual way. This is an adventure book for readers interested history, and is as suitable for the home as it is for school.

Tarje Holtvedt and Åshild Skadberg

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Tarje Holtvedt (f. 1967) og Åshild Skadberg (f. 1968) are cohabitants, journalists and writers. Totally True! is their first book together.

Åshild Skadberg (b. 1968) grew up in Oslo and has a degree in psychology, literature and Nordic studies. She writes about animals for the newspaper Aftenposten Junior, and works as an editor for the press agency NTB (Norsk Telegrambyrå). She has published two books.

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