Tale Krohn Engsvik

Health Sista
Dare to Be!

In her book Health Sister Tale Krohn Engvik writes about the issues that many children and teenagers are wondering about, themes that can be difficult to talk openly about, such as questions about chaotic thoughts, suicidal thoughts, body, sex and love – here nothing is taboo!

Her goal is to inspire her followers to think differently and be confident in themselves; to break taboos and make it easier for young people to contact their school nurse.

Tale Krohn Engsvik

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Tale Maria Krohn Engvik is known as Helsesista – «Healthsista». She is a school nurse with the Snapchat account Helsesista, a channel that she developed to give more direct health information to young people by communicating with them on their own arena. Mixing serious knowledge, humour and an outgoing personality she reaches about 200.000 viewers on SnapChat every day.

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