Maria Lillebo

Oscar Wildensky and His Amazing Day Getting Lost

Oscar has been naughty, and to punish him his mother has forced him to go shopping with her in town. To go shopping is the most boring thing Oscar can think of! But when Oscar loses his mother, he suddenly finds himself alone in town. Finally he is free! But where's Mom? And is someone following him?

Oscar Wildensky and his Amazing Day Getting Lost is a lovely and colorfully illustrated picture book. Perfect for children aged 3 years and older.

Maria Lillebo

Originalrgb portrett maria lillebo
Photo Cred: Ellen-Marie Pedersen-Gustad/Tidens Krav

Maria Lillebo (b. 1982) is a journalist and graphic designer, working as a communications adviser for Deichmanske Library. Oscar Wildsky and the amazing get-lost-day is her first picture book.

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