10 Knives in the Heart

Ten authors were invited to write short stories based on the old sagas, where aach story must deal with a topic central to our times. This sharp collection reflects on our times, and shed light on long political lines and short, specific everyday issues.
Each author, in their own way, have examined what makes a good story
nowadays, inspired by what a good story was a thousand years ago.

In Crime is crime, Steinnun Sigurdadottir focused on
Hallgerd from Njal’s saga, now named Gerður Halla and wandering the streets of modern-day Reykjavik. In Portrayal, Jon Fosse writes about a dream, a subject of great significance in the sagas. Cecilie Enger takes Aun from theY nglinga saga as the starting point for her story. “Whatever I might be inclined to write must start out with the women in the sagas,” answered Aina Basso, opting for Thorgils from the Floamanna saga for her short story, In it alone. Odin’s eight-legged horse Sleipnir is the subject of Thorvald Steen’s story, while Maria Tryti Vennerød drew inspiration from the story of Erik Bloodaxe in Dad’s kingdom. In Simon Stranger’s The saga of Gisli, we meet Gisli himself, and Bergsveinn Birgisson has written The saga of Geirmund Heljarskinn. In Tom Egeland’s text we meet Snorre’s slayer, while Egil's saga is the inspiration for Sigmund Løvåsen's Must have flowers for the


Cover: Trine og Kim

Aina Basso, Birgsveinn Birgisson, Tom Egeland, Cecilie Enger, Jon Fosse, Sigmund Løvåsen, Steinunn Sigurdardottir (islandsk) Thorvald Steen, Simon Stranger og Maria Tryti Vennerød

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