Kenneth Ingebretsen and Tommy Tønsberg

Herbs and Edible Flowers

Herbs can turn the most boring meal into a feast! Grow your own basil, coriander, lovage and mint. Herbs are easy to plant, and it is great fun to see your own plants grow. You can also dry the herbs, and keep the taste of summer throughout the year.

Kenneth Ingebretsen and Tommy Tønsberg

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Kenneth Ingebretsen (b. 1977) is a gardener who works at the largest garden centre in Norway. He also edits the membership newsletter Blomstervenner for the Friends of Flowers Society.
Tommy Tønsberg's (b. 1980) interest in gardening was already evident at an early age: as a schoolboy he often spent his entire allowance at the nursery. Today, he tends a small but lush garden on the outskirts of Oslo, and is the editor of Norsk Hagetidend, the magazine for members of the Gardeners' Association. He is also a popular guest speaker.

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