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Why Does Being Wet Make You Feel So Cold ?

Different outdoor experiences can be explained by physics, chemistry and biology. However, when explained in an easy-to-read and entertaining manner it helps increase the readers knowledge of both outdoor life and science.

What are the effective degrees of cold? Does it help to put on a hat when your feet are cold? Does the snow on the cabin roof get heavier when the weather gets milder? Is it warmer to lie on the side than on your back in a sleeping bag? Many people have questions about outdoor life and what sort of equipment to use. The answers are often based on both myths and personal experiences. These are examples of questions answered and explained by Randulf Valle, using both facts and science in an entertaining and humorous way. He distinguishes facts from myths and gives the reader a better understanding of both outdoor living and science.

Randulf Valle has a Ph.D in metallurgy. He works as a writer and has to date released ten books. His numerous articles have also been published in many different journals.

Randulf Valle

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Randulf Valle (b. 1974) has a doctorate in metallurgy, but is best known as an adventurer and photographer and as the author of eight books. He was editor of the magazine Friluftsliv (Outdoor Life) from 2004 to 2013, and is a member of the jury for the Helge Ingstad prize.

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Outdoor Life in Finnmark (2016)

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