Knut Nærum

Dead men skiing

– One of you will kill me.
These words are uttered by Sverre Hartkorn; billionaire, playboy and with an unhealthy attraction to murder. For his Easter vacation he brings a psycho analyst and seven of his closest friends to the remote Blåkamp cabin to play The Murder Game. The one who solves the murder mystery before 9PM on Easter Sunday will win five million kroners.

Knut Nærum

Originalrgb portrett knut nærum
Photo Credit: Agnete Brun

Knut Nærum (b. 1961) has created eleven books of comic strips and fifteen books for children and adults. He is also the playwright behind the production Henrik Ibsen's Collected Works in 68 minuts.

Other titles

The mysterious Oberon Qvist (2018)
Boat of the dead (2008)
Mercy (2017)

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