Knut Nærum

Boat of the dead

The easily scared crime writer Kjell Nilsen is vacationing on the island Kjølholmen in archipelago of Southern Norway. When cosmetics magnate Malin Meller is found drowned in a locked room, all the traces are pointing to a murderer that is now of this world. The local police are stuck, the summer sky is darkening and the murderer is up to more trouble. Luckily private investigator Oberon Qvist is also amongst the summer guests, and he is keeping a cool head in the heat of the moment.

Knut Nærum

Originalrgb portrett knut nã¦rum

Knut Nærum (b. 1961) has created eleven books of comic strips and fifteen books for children and adults. He is also the playwright behind the production Henrik Ibsen's Collected Works in 68 minuts.

Other titles

Dead men Skiing (2002)
Knut Nærum (2017)

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