Kim Hiorthøy

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This book is a collection with examples of much of Hiorthøys works - text, pictures and design. Fiction and essayistic texts.

On the surface the book seems to be a rendition of Kim Hiorthøys graphic design and illustration, from the mid 90´s until today, documenting anything from album covers and children´s books to infor mation brochures from Vinmonopolet and self published fanzines.

But through also showing rejected propositions, failed work and lost jobs, the book is also about misunderstandings and disappointments - things to learn from.

The personal texts run through the book, trying to also take in all the doubt, arrogance and self-consciousness (lacking as well as to high) following through years and years of independent work. In this way the book display the work of graphic design and illustration, how graphic design and illustration can look, and how it has been looking - in this case for Kim Hiorthøy. And how you, no matter what you work with, stay an uncomplete and strange human in the world.

Kim Hiorthøy

Originalrgb portrett kim hiorthã¸y

Kim Hiorthøy (b. 1973) is a popular artist who has also worked with music and film, as well as had a long career as a graphic designer and illustrator.

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