Teresa Grøtan

Before the Island Goes Under
A Climate Document

Teresa Grøtan has travelled the world meeting children and teenagers in order to learn about their experiences under a changing climate. She has visited the Pacific island of Kiribati, which is at serious risk of being swallowed up by the ocean, and Bangladesh, which has been pounded by cyclones. In California, the minibus carrying herself and a group of young climate activists was nearly overtaken by the largest wildfire in the state’s history. Her travels have also taken her to Svalbard, where temperatures have risen by 7.5 degrees in the past 50 years, and the residents have been hit by two catastrophic 5000-year avalanches in the same year.

After each story there are short interviews with internationally recognised climate experts. At the end, the author tells us why her travels have made her more optimistic—and gives simple tips about what we can do in our everyday lives to combat climate change.

Teresa Grøtan

Teresa stort
Helge Hansen

Teresa Grøtan was born in 1974 in Storkmarknes and lives in Bergen. She
is a journalist and author, currently working as the director of the Bergen
International Literature Festival. She has written several books, including
ICON: Nelson Mandela. In 2013 she received the Blix Prize for her books for
children and young adults.

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