Jon Fosse

Kristoffer is an eight year old boy, who is fascinated by outer space. He wonder if there is an edge to it, if it ends somewhere, and if it does - what lies beyond it? Kristoffer is trying ty read Donald Duck at night in bed, bud he is much more occupied with the fundamental questions about space and world. In the room adjacent to Kristoffer, with the door slightly open, his father is reading Kant. The father has to see to his boy time and again to tend to his curious mind, full of questions. The conversation between father and son is open and respectful, and Kristoffer finds out that there is no answers to all his questions, not Kristoffer, not his father, and not even Kant will know. Kristoffer deduces that it is as likely that the universe ends, as it is likely it is endless. If this is true, he wonders, does it not open a whole new world of possibilities?

Jon Fosse

Jon Fosse
Tove Breistein.

Jon Fosse is widely considered one of the world’s most important living writers, with an ability to touch readers across time and place. Born in 1959 in Strandebarm, a small village in the western part of Norway, he lives today in the Grotten, an honorary residence in Oslo bestowed for life by the King of Norway, as well as in Hainburg, Austria, and Frekhaug, Norway. Fosse is an unusually prolific writer. He debuted in 1983, and has since published novels, volumes of poetry, essay collections, and children’s books. His work has now been translated into more than 40 languages and his plays performed more than a thousand times around the world. In whatever genre he is writing in, Fosse’s language is poetic and existential, rhythmic and lyrical.

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Among others:
2007 Deutsche Jugendbuch Preis.
2010 International Ibsen Prize
2014 European Prize for Literature
2015 Nordic Council's Literature Award, for Trilogy
2016 Willy Brandt Prize
2017 European Poetry Prize of the City of Münster, Germany

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