Geir Hestmark

Jens Esmark, Ice Ages and Climate Change

Jens Esmark is the great pioneer in the exploration of Norway's mountains, and this is the definitive story of his life, his expeditions, mountain ascents and glacier crossings. Not the least the book traces the paths to his epochal discovery of ice ages, the most dramatic climate changes on Earth. As Esmark's supporters or opponents we meet a rich gallery of Norwegian and foreign students and colleagues. The book is compulsory reading for all mountain hikers and nature enthusiasts, and everyone with an interest in Norwegian and European cultural history.

Complete English version is available.

Professor Geir Hestmark has written an outstanding exemplary biography .... a great work on nature, conveyed with in-depth knowledge and light optimism. A biography that should appeal to a wide audience of nature-interested readers, at a time when the climate debate is relevant like never before.


Geir Hestmark's book about Jens Esmark (1762-1839) is a compelling and educational story. ... ... an incredibly comprehensive, revealing and topical history of science.


Geir Hestmark's biography of Jens Esmark (1763-1839) is an exemplary study that raises the history of geological science to a new level. Witty, important and well-written about how the ice formed the Norwegian mountains, while the discovery is placed in the context Norwegian and European history.


Geir Hestmark

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Geir Hestmark graduated in both philosophy and natural science, and is currently a professor at the University of Oslo and a Fellow of the Norwegan Academy of Science. He has contributed to Thinkers of the West (1994), Norwegian History of Non-Fiction Literature (1998), Norwegian History of Ideas (2002), and Norwegian Polar History (2004). For his monumental biography of the geologist Waldemar C. Brøgger, Science and Nation he was awarded the Freedom of Speech Honors Prize in 2000. Solving the riddle Jens Esmark took him 12 years.

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