Dennis Zacher Aske

The Woman in Isdalen

In 1970, and unidentifiable woman’s remains were found charred in Isdalen, close to Bergen. Ever since the woman has been a source of mystery. After a long investigation, the police concluded the case to be a likely suicide, however, who she was, where she came from, and more interestingly why she died remained unresolved questions. Soon after the discovery, theories emerged of her being a supposed spy, and the police struggled to dismiss the rumours.

A new book by a legal expert Dennis Zacher Aske, from the University of Stavanger, comes closer to unravelling the mystery than ever before. Aske picks apart both the suicide and the spy theory. He presents an explanation so obvious it seems extraordinary the police did not arrive at the same conclusion. Could the resolution to one of Norway’s biggest crime mysteries within the police archive all along?

Dennis Zacher Aske

Dennis z a

Dennis Zacher Aske (born 1960) is a lawyer with a long background in analytical and investigative work from the University of Stavanger. Prior to this, Aske worked as an officer in the Norwegian army.

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