Ingvild Nielsen

The Moon is Following Me

– Look, Dad, says Mone. – The Moon is following me again today! Do you think the Moon is on her way to kindergarten?
Right above Mone’s kindergarten, you will find the sky’s own kindergarten. This is where you will meet the Moon! Just like Mone, the Moon is trying to fit in, and the two of them seek each other’s company. But what happens when the Sun and the Wind make the Moon disappear, and Mone is left alone?
The Moon is Following Me is a magical and exceptionally beautiful picture book about a special friendship, and a tribute to imagination!

Ingvild Nielsen

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Ingvild Nielsen (b. 1975) has previously written two children’s books. She is an author and journalist working closely with children at NRK Super, a TV channel for children.

Jens Kristensen has illustrated many books and is well-known for his ability to play with imagination and different perspectives in his illustrations.

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