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MathMagic tricks
Improve your calculation skills - become a master!

Do you love numbers and get intrigued by a challenge? Do you want to impress yourself and others by performing some math magic at the speed of lightning? Learn the tricks that will make you a master in speed-calculating!

A calculation only has one answer, but the journey there can be long and frustrating. Luckily there are shortcuts. The world of math is full of methods that can make you capable of calculating faster. In this book you will learn some of them. Calculating will never be the same again.

As a child the author dreamed of a secret book of magic with enchanting number tricks. He never found that book, and had to write it himself. This is the result. Through a series of fascinating and unknown tricks and tips he will show you how you can become a more effective number cruncher. The secret is to combine some simple elementary rules from your primary school days. All the methods are easy and quick to learn, and are suitable for number lovers of all ages. Some of the tricks are also suitable for simply calculating in your head on the go. While teaching the author will also take you on the historical journey of numbers and calculus, all the way from the time of ancient Greece until the digital age we live in today.

Yngve Vogt

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Yngve Vogt is an eager number nerd and award winning journalist in the science magazine Apollon at the University of Oslo. He has always loved math and numbers, and has been dreaming of writing a book about math magic and speed calculating. Here it is.

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