Eivind Falk

The whittling book

Do you remember how to make a willow flute? Or would you like to make you own sausage clip?

In this book Eivind Falk takes us into the woods, searching for trees and branches which can be turned into fun and practical items by means of your knife and your imagination.

The book contains useful ideas, illustrations of the methods and suggestions for toys and utility articles which can be made from raw wood. Solid and practical, it will inspire parents and grandparents to explore the outdoors with their offspring – with a sharp knife and band-aid in the backpack. Make room for a new generation of whittlers!

Spikkeboka («The whittling book») is a valuable contribution to the knowledge transfer of various crafts to the younger generation, a work currently taking place in Norwegian schools and museums.

Eivind Falk

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For the last 20 years, Eivind Falk has arranged popular whittling courses for children and adults, making cool models and items that so far have not been described with text and photos/illustrations. In recent years, Eivind has been responsible for summer courses for children at the Maihaugen open-air museum. The children get to make their own bow and arrow and take part in an archery contest; they make their own fishing rod – and use it – and they build their own lean-to, in which they spend the night. Eivind Falk is the manager of the Norwegian Crafts Institute in Lillehammer and is one of Norway’s best ambassadors of living craft traditions.

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