Anna Fiske

The Cleaning Lady

— Are you rich, or something, since you’re hiring a cleaning lady? her friends ask Lotten.
–- No, Mom and Dad just get so tired because of work, and then there is so much hassle with two children, Lotten responds.
But who is she, the cleaning lady? What's it like to have a cleaning lady at home? And what will it be like when she’ll vacuum in Lotten’s room?

Anna Fiske

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Photo: Sara Fiske

Anna Fiske (b. 1964) grew up in the south of Sweden, but now lives in Oslo. Her one-woman-magazine Rabbel with comics for children has won a number of prizes. She also makes comics for an adult audience.
Her work for children is in the great Scandinavian tradition of children’s literature, i.e. Tove Jansson and Astrid Lindgren.

Grandmother and I, part of her autobiographical series about Anna and her grandmother, has been translated into Finnish, (Finnish comics centre) her graphic novel for adult readers Dancing on the carpet has been translated into Swedish (Optimal), and From the Tube to the reclining chair has been translated into Swedish (Nypon).

Other titles


Palle Poodle travels to New York (2016)
Palle Poodle, A Dog's Life (2013)
Grandma and I, Looking after a Poodle (2012)
Grandma and I (2011)
Palle Poodle buys jeans (2006)
Palle Poodle relaxes (2004)
Palle puddel gets up (2003)
The Cleaning Lady (2015)

Comics for adult readers:
The Group (2014)
Dancing on the carpet (2004)
Trees I have known (2017)

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