Ida Hegazi Høyer


It takes two, you said, and I should have been a book, and I should
have been eternal. I should have been sitting on your shelf, or lying
on your table, or rested in your hands. And you would have turned
my pages, read me, drawn scribbles in my margin, little animals,
stick people and poems. I would not have wished for more. I would
not have wished any longer. Only that you would have forgiven this
book. Both the smallest words and the largest ones.
A young woman meets a young man, they move in together
almost immediately, completely obsessed with each other. But
after a short while, there are signs indicating that all is not as
it should be. What do they really know about each other, how
much do they want to know, and where is the actual border
between truth and lies, dream and reality?

Ida Hegazi Høyer


(born 1981) made her debut in 2012 with the novel Under verden (Beneath
the World) She lives and writes in Sørkedalen outside Oslo, and
Sorry is her third novel.

Other titles

2012: Under verden, novel
2013: Ut, novel
2015: Fortellingen om øde, novel
2016: Historier om trøst, short stories

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2015 EU Literature Prize

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