Alf Prøysen

Mrs. Pepperpot and the Hidden Treasure

In Mrs. Pepperpot's kitchen the cat is meowing like crazy. Mrs. Pepperpot listens but she can only understand the animals when she is as small as a teaspoon. And right then she shrinks. She jumps up on the back of the cat.
Together they take off for adventures; past the magpies, past the boys who throw snowballs, past the big barking dog. In the dark of the barn the cat shows the woman its hidden treasure – four tiny black kittens! And just when the potatoes are done on the stove and her old man comes home for supper, the woman returns and grows big again.

Mrs. Pepperpot and the Hidden Treasure was originally published in 1960, in the book Mrs Pepperpot again : and other stories
(Teskjekjerringa på nye eventyr).

Illustrated by Bjørn Berg.

Alf Prøysen’s books about Mrs Pepperpot rank as modern classics among children’s books. The first volume was published in 1956.

Alf Prøysen

Alf Prøysen was a Norwegian author and ballad writer, born in 1914, who died in 1970. He made his debut with ballads in 1948 and has written many short stories, books for children, and ballads. For many years Prøysen worked with children’s programmes for Swedish and Norwegian radio and TV.
Mrs Pepperpot never knows when it is going to happen... and just when it is most unsuitable, she shrinks and becomes tiny as a teaspoon.

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