Alf Prøysen

The Goatling Who Could Count to Ten

The Goatling Who Could Count to Ten is the famous story about the little goatling who starts counting all the other animals, much to their reluctance. But, it comes to show that the counting will come in handy when all the animals have to board the ferry, which only takes ten passengers...

Alf Prøysen

Alf Prøysen was a Norwegian author and ballad writer, born in 1914, who died in 1970. He made his debut with ballads in 1948 and has written many short stories, books for children, and ballads. For many years Prøysen worked with children’s programmes for Swedish and Norwegian radio and TV.

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Danish, Latvian, Russian and Ukrainian.
Also translated into: Arabic, Polish, for distribution in Norway.

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