Morten Traavik

The devil is a fallen angel

Armed with the mantra “Everyone has the right to be beautiful”, the hopeful and naive Traavik traveled to Angola and Cambodia with the aim of setting up the world’s first beauty pageants for women disfigured by land mines. The project made headlines and generated debate across the globe.

While neither Norwegian nor international charities would officially acknowledge the Miss Landmine project, the Angolan population and government supported it enthusiastically. This was also the case in Cambodia - until the authorities put an end to it.

This book offers an insight into an aspect of charity most people would not want to be confronted with and demonstrates how art can open doors most cannot even imagine exist.
The Devil is a Fallen Angel discusses human worth and our views on others through an engaging drive, and through unforgettable meetings with women who are rarely noticed.

Aschehoug 2013

Morten Traavik

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Morten Traavik is a director and artist working across a wide spectrum of artistic genres and international borders. His projects are characterized by the blurred distinction between art, activism and social issues. The Devil is a Fallen Angel is his literary debut.

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