Johan Harstad

Max, Mischa and the Tet Offensive

Max, Mischa and the Tet Offensive is a sprawling novel about art, homesickness and trying to create a place to call home; about the applicability of Vietnamese guerilla warfare in everyday life, about those who have been to war and those who protested against it; about generic library music, hyperrealist paintings of washing machines and girls who look like Shelley Duvall, complicated productions of open-ended plays and films; about growing up with communist parents or growing at all; about the sun’s glare out on Fire Island and a sought-after workprint copy of Coppola’s Apocalypse Now. But more than anything this is a novel about the big question anyone who has ever left home sooner or later has to ask himself: How long can you be gone before it is too late to go home?

Johan Harstad

Harstad johan
John Erik Riley

Johan Harstad offers a wholly original voice and is one of the most obvious talents published by Gyldendal for many years.

He sees human fates in modern reality in a way that is both urgent and refined, offering a complete involvement and a particular sense of absurd humor. His characters often stand slightly to one side, at a distance to the major pulse of society. They are vulnerable, lonely, different.

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Germany, Rowohlt
The Netherlands, Podium

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Winner of the Hunger Prize, 2017

Winner of The National Ibsen Award for the play Osv., 2014

Winner of The Oslo Award 2012 for Blissard

Winner of The Wessel Award, 2010

Winner of the The Brage Award for Darlah (Cappelen Damm)

Winner of The Youth Critic’s Award for Hässelby, 2007

Winner of the Stavanger’s Artist of the Year, 2003

Winner of the Bjørnson-scholarship, 2003

Short-listed for the Norwegian Critic’s Prize 2015

Short-listed for The National Ibsen Award, 2011

Short-listed for The Brage Award, 2010

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