Amina Bile, Sofia Nesrine Srour, Nancy Herz


Nancy Herz, Sofia Nesrine Srour and Amina Bile have over the past year collected stories from girls who have personally experienced negative social control. In Shameless they discuss what it feels like to be constantly limited, corrected and shamed, and they share their own experiences on their way towards shamelessness. And their best hijab hacks.

Herz, Srour and Bile started the movement which in the media is referred to as ‘The shameless girls’, and which really put negative social control on the agenda. For their work for freedom of speech they have, among other things, received the award Fritt Ords Honnør (2017).

Amina Bile, Sofia Nesrine Srour, Nancy Herz

Amina Bile (b.1998) is involved in politics. She's shameless, but harmless. Nancy Herz (b. 1996) is a Norwegian-Lebanese activist, booklover, daydreamer and writer. Sofia Nesrine Srour (b. 1994) is a Norwegian-Lebanese Muslim who debates a lot and thinks even more. Bile, Herz and Srour are all feminists and profiled voices in the Public debate.

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